Road Routine Maintenance Training for ERA Agro-Forestry’s Contractors from Baucau, Viqueque and Manatuto

The Don Bosco/LBT section during year 2020 and in the early 2021 in partnership with ERA Agro-Forestry Project has been carried out the training in LBT for rural road routine maintenance. The training in LBT for rural road routine maintenance batch number 1 for Baucau’s contractors was conducted from 24 to 28 August 2020, with duration of 5 days which was attended by 2 contractors (Lialura Unip. Lda & Jatono Unip. Lda) who have been selected to implement maintenance works of rural road in Baguia by ERA Agro-Forestry Project. There were 2 women directors and 2 engineers were enrolled and participated in the road routine maintenance training at Don Bosco Training Center.
Whilst training in LBT for rural road routine maintenance works batch number 2 for Viqueque and Manatuto contractors took place from 25 to 29 January 2021 with the same duration of 5 days. There were total 9 labour based contractors (9 Engineers and 9 Directors) participate in the training, among the nine contractors 2 contractors were selected from Manatuto and the other 7 contractors were selected from Viquque which was screening based upon ECES evaluation system on coaching and mentoring that provided for contractors who implemented rural works on road rehabilitation under ERA Agro-Forestry project. Rural road maintenance training offers considerable scope for increasing efficiency by adopting work methods and approaches relying on local resources and communities in works implementation.
During implementing the training, the training sessions of class room were mixed with minor practical sessions at the nearby campus (Football field) on clean lined drain, grass clearing, patching pothole and filling form. All trainees have participated actively in the training and demonstrated their interest in the training by sharing experiences and actively interacting throughout the training and all trainees from batch 1 and 2 will be awarded certificate of attendance from ERA Agro-Forestry Project. The training was conducted jointly by Don Bosco trainer/field trainer and trainers from ERA Agro-Forestry Project.

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