Certified Training Courses

This National Certificate is designed for site engineers and site supervisors of small construction firms, or a supervising engineer in a consultancy firm or in the government, who want to improve their skills and knowledge to construct rural road applying Labour-Based Technology (LBT). The National Certificate has three units of competency:

  1. Manage  labour and equipment in labour-based rural road construction
    This unit includes skills and knowledge required by a contractor’s technical staff to plan, manage and supervise laborers and equipment for rural road construction by using labour based technology.
  2. Plan, supervise and control quality for rural road construction using Labour Based Technology (LBT)
    This unit includes the skills and knowledge required by a contractor’s technical staff to plan, manage, supervise and quality control for rural road construction using labour based technology.
  3. Supervise and control quality of construction of drainage structures on rural roads
    This unit includes the skills and knowledge required by contractor’s technical staff to supervise, construct and control quality of drainage structures construction for rural roads.


Participants must complete all three units successfully to receive the National Certificate. This certificate is not a full qualification, however, each unit is at level 4, and participants will receive an academic record showing completed units. This academic record may be used in future if undertaking qualifications that contain these units.


List of LBT Contractor Training Batch #1, #2 & #3 – Contractors from Manatuto, Baucau, Viqueque & Lautem



Batch #1 (2018)

No Companies Name Sex Position Phone No.
1 Rozi Construction unip.Lda Reinaldo Ximenes M Engineer 77281211
Cristovão Cleanto Lopes Marques M Supervisor 78453935
Abilio Soares M Supervisor 77380795
Arlindo Mateus M Supervisor 76165253
2 Caidalale Unip. Lda Vitorino De Jesus M Engineer 77909914
Amadeu Espirito Santo Maia M Supervisor 77885297
João Nelson F.Barbosa M Supervisor 78683330
3 Winforever Unip. Lda Romaldo Jose Antonio da Costa M Engineer 78076074
Cesario Vicente Reinaldo dos Reis M Supervisor 78466698
Victor de Jesus da Costa M Supervisor 77984504
Adalgiza M. A. P. Simoes F Supervisor 77859700
4 Lia Lura Unip Lda Aquiles Ximenes M Engineer 77314970
Nelson Orleans Gomes M Supervisor 77111302
Longuinhos da Silva Freitas M Supervisor 77772943
5 Buibel Unip. Lda Julio Alves M Engineer 75720907
Pedro Hendrique M Supervisor 78411042
Silvino Nunes M Supervisor 75389201
6 Jatono Unip. Lda Sergio Martins Filipe M Engineer 77423408
Joao Bosco Delfim M Supervisor 77307737
Dinis Crispim Gusmao M Supervisor 77246486
7 Flores Unip. Lda Joaquim Jose Maria Viana Gonçalves M Engineer 77379011
Mauricio da Costa Boavida M Supervisor 77461359
Juliao Matos das Flores M Supervisor 77772212
Donato Vitoriano da Costa M Supervisor 77884251
8 Terminator Unip. Lda Januario Castro M Engineer 78661116
Amelia Teresa A. Boavida F Supervisor 75677379
Abilio Boavida Pereira M Supervisor 77766127
9 Helsia Unip. Lda Jenivel  M. Abilio M Engineer 77740646
Quintao Babo M Supervisor 78644913
Joanico da Silva Soares M Supervisor 78601176
10 Palumbel Unip. Lda Paulino dos Santos de Jesus M Engineer 75229940
Carlos Boavida M Supervisor 78049872
Arcanjo dos Anjos Babo M Supervisor 76796991
Batch #2 (2019)
1 Fin-Los Unipessoal Limitada Fernando M.R.Pinto M Engineer 77705616
Ezequiel F.M.Pinto M Supervisor 78684815
Antonio Tonico Gaio Supervisor 77068400
2 Carnesia Recordação Unipessoal Limitada Isac da S.S. Pinto M Engineer 77252137
Auxiliadora M.J.S. de Carvalho F Supervisor 77463276
Noe Antonio M.C. M Supervisor 75241887
3 Luminar Unipessoal


Marito J. Monteiro M Engineer 75620085
Zeluis C.V. Pinto M Supervisor 77199130
Joao Geraldo Amaral M Supervisor 75967760
4 Uaitau Unipessoal Limitada Amandio P.Gusmão M Engineer 77246915
Armando Roberto Cofi M Supervisor 75210189
Martinho Freitas dos Reis M Supervisor 78654079
5 Limfim Unipessoal Limitada Paulo Pinto M Engineer 77105798
Noemio D.F.da Costa M Supervisor 77436520
Francsisco A. de Sa M Supervisor 77274510
6 Laca Roma Unipessoal Limitada Pedro Gomes C. M Engineer 78273551
Grigorio Soares M Supervisor 77508589
Joaninha Gomes F Supervisor 77308409
7 Tula Eli Unipessoal Limitada Valderrama Alves M Engineer 77002415
Raimundo de Carvalho M Supervisor 77339266
Juliao mascaranhas M Supervisor 78068558
 8 Dira Nova Unipessoal Limitada Mateus R. Freitas M Engineer 78428276
Manuel D. Sarmento M Supervisor 77257676
Juliao Raul Pinto M Supervisor 77129538
9 Lolito Rakesi Unipessoal Limitada Meriantina Guterres M Engineer 77706250
Beatriz  Savio F Supervisor 77805939
Marciano Vedigal da C. Pinto M Supervisor 77344772
10 Lea Unipessoal Limitada Joao Casemiro Campos M Engineer 77480428
Quirino de Jesus Soares P. M Supervisor 76456130
Jaime Corio Campos M Supervisor 78653777
11 Linoel Construction Unip.lda Nilton Carlos da Costa Soares M Engineer 78491098
Jose V. dos R. Carceres M Supervisor 77371034
Agustinho Suni Tois M Supervisor 76154465
12 Ilatun Unip.Lda Osvaldo A. Soares M Engineer 78085753
Gerson Tilman M Supervisor 78058461
Domingos  Godinho  Soares M Supervisor 77454033
13 Manulain Caboran Unip.Lda Joao Paulo da Cruz Neno Ili Abi M Engineer 75580259
Simao Quelo Falo M Supervisor 76148873
Herminio Guterres M Supervisor 76571425
14 Ralan Unip.Lda Felizito B. de S. A Chang M Engineer 77848435
Herman Florindo Alves M Supervisor 77352598
Armandina F.C.Pires F Supervisor 77662900
15 Ladiama Unip.Lda John Lenon das Dores M Engineer 77359724
Juvencio P.E. do E. Santo M Supervisor 75606020
Teofilho do Espirito Santo M Supervisor 75865776


Batch #3 (2020)

   1 Irmao Unidus Unpessoal Lda Florival dos Santos Perreira M Engineer 77237136/7303555
Tomas Soares Lopes M Supervisor 1 78028250
Pedro da Costa Hornay M Supervisor 2 76104368
2 Tchai Celeiro Unipessoal Lda Ajoe Dimantinho da Silva M Engineer 76056467
Fidel Canto de Jesus M Supervisor 1 75571550
Bakhita Marcela da C.Savio F Supervisor 2 76056467
3 Ilie Chao Unipessoal Lda Cristovao Mariano M Engineer 77164125
Angelo da Costa Domingos M Supervisor 1 77245606
Alistina Maria Castanheira F Supervisor 2 76469578
4 Sargas Unipessoal Lda Jenito da Costa M Engineer 77035284
Antonio Benevides M Supervisor 1 78134828
Elias de Oliveira Andrade M Supervisor 2 77726157
5 Om Brother Unipessoal Lda Aquino Victor Pereira M Engineer 78280732
Filomeno Yusta de Jesus M Supervisor 1 76163950
Milano Orlando Marques M Supervisor 2 73901702
6 Fuiloro Unipessoal Lda Nerio Bebeto Guteres Tilman M Engineer 77933703
Belarmino da Assuncao Fernandes M Supervisor 1 75536063
Longinus Fernandes M Supervisor 2 75215856
7 Zoro Construction Unipessoal Lda Edmundo dos Santos M Engineer 77252436
Jeronimo da Costa M Supervisor 1 75179076
Francisco da Costa Miranda M Supervisor 2 75926867
8 Ryzena Unipessoal Lda Alberto Francisco Aparicio M Engineer 77321217
Joao Martins M Supervisor 1 76222855
Germanto Joaquim Romi Guterres M Supervisor 2 77073249
9 Kartini Unipessoal Lda Miguel de Jesus da Costa M Engineer 76108754
Armando Viegas Bento Costa da Silva M Supervisor 1 76803811
Manuel Antonio de Jesus Soares M Supervisor 2 76005715